Starter Box Claims

Jan 1, 2022, 4:39:48 PM | 109 Comments | 1 min read

Welcome to our Bank!

Here we will store all of your items! 
They shall be guarded well residing in the ancient vault.





To claim the Starter Item Box:


Starter Box please!


Starterbox's can only be claimed once!


Items you will receive upon claiming:

x1 Mystery Egg [Copper]
x1 Turtle Wisp

x10 Small Fish
x2 Large Fish
x1 Rare Fish

x50 Seagrass
x2 Jellyfish

x1 Lobster

x2 Wood
x1 Ink
x1 Quartz
x1 Ruby

x1 Diamond
x2 Tiger Eye
x5 Sand

x2 Glass Vial
x10 Pigments
x5 Leather
x5 Iron Bar
x1 Copper Bar

x100 Pearls
x1 Gold Conch


(Note to self: Add x2 Starter Slots when we code in a Starter Box. Closing the Starter Slot claim thread)



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To view your old vault, please click here:  Dragons of Aquella Bank

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