Import Chances/Leasing 2021

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Leasing your character to a Player

What is Leasing?

Leasing is the permission you give to other players that allows them to draw your character to claim rewards for the submission they created.
The leasing will only be in effect for the specified amount of time that the owner allowed to lease the dragon to a specific person.

The Dragon owner will get the SP created, and the Leaser will get all the rewards that they have created.

For example, if someone doesn't have their own character yet, but they want to participate in the current MC/Event to get the rewards, you could lease them your dragon to claim the prices instead of you.
Don't be alarmed, you are still able to draw your character, claim their rewards from your own submission, like you normally would :3
The Submissions that were made with the dragon you leased is redeemable for SP <3

- You can only claim Event/MC rewards once, even if you draw your own dragon and use a leasing dragon at the same time!


Please include this permalink in the queue's so we can confirm that you are indeed leasing the dragon.


Fill out this form and reply here:


Leasing: (import link)
To: whom you are leasing to.
Duration of Lease: (ex: Jan 1th, 2021)
Leasing Rules: (ex: no extra characters, only for MC, only for the Event, may be used 5 times, etc)

My Player Log: (link)
Leaser's Player Log: (link)




2021 Import Changes and Leasing: Here

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