Since I was a little child I dedicated a huge part of my time to the arts. I have been always influenced by history moments like Renaissance and Victorian age, at the same time the fantasies themes, the Romanticism and tragedy also was a source of inspiration to me.
I graduated with nineteen (19) years old as graphic designer
and I start my artistic career since them. My works have been
published in artbooks, tarot decks, postal card and magazines
like Infected by Art Volume 2, 78 Tarot of The Water, 78 Tarot Carnival, Zodiacal Postal card set by Aura-Scope, Lady of Steampunk, Kultur Magazine, Digital Templum, among many
At this moment I am working with, Braiinz Publishing and 78Tarot editorial, at the same time that I’m working on personal projects. 

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