I used to go to art school - but don't anymore.  I co-own a custom framing shop, which is le cool.

I'm very friendly, everybody loves me (Robin's writing this for me. Can you tell?  Woah, we're screwed up, man).

But no, really.  PM me if'n you wanna talk.  I'll talk back.  Honest.  I do a lot of drawing, and always have.  I'm very interested in comic books.  Robin(Minimaid) and I have been writing and drawing silly things together forever.  I am currently writing a professional comic with my cousin.  If you're lucky, I'll even show you pictures!  ;)

I'm excited to be here - that should tell you something.  I'm an art geek.  New things make me happy.  If you have a critique or new technique to show me, please PLEASE feel free - especially if it's about photoshop.  I need to know MORE!  (Knowledge-hungry gal)

I think that's about it.

Love me!
:heart: Em. (I love me more)

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