Oh gawd I wrote a whole big profile in here and it got deleted! I'm saving this now.

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Anyway, let's see if I can put this back together from memory >.< (Damn you cookie timeouts!)

Well, I started drawing when I was 8, what inspired me to draw was an amazingly detailed drawing of a dragon that a friend of my Mom's did. The first real drawing I did was an OC named Drago, he had a dragon's head and wings, sharp claws, and carried a long sword similar to that of a samurai sword. He was human like in figure, and stood on his hind legs that were also claws, I'd have to say his other inspirations were DragonBall Z and Riptorand Jago from Killer Instinct for SNES (still the best fighting game EVER IMO). He was like... the coolest OC ever in my mind at the time (and I've only done a few OC's since) and thinking back I almost want to draw a new "Revamped" version just to see how it'd turn out. I first started doing primarily male characters, mostly shirtless because drawing big muscles was the "in" thing with DBZ being as popular as it was. Plus, shirts were hard, I could never get folds right (I still can never get them to look quite right, but I manage). Female characters were hard, I didn't pay much attention to girls at that age, and little girls look mostly like little boys with long hair at that age so there wasn't really much different to notice and separate them as individuals. Once I started getting a little older - around 12 or so I started to see some of the real anatomical differences between boys and girls so I had more of a reference to go from, and my time drawing females was born. I still drew a lot of male characters but females became more and more common until I was drawing them primarily. I was drawing mostly characters alone with no backgrounds and then after a while I started working on the backgrounds of my images (which never really was a popular thing with my pictures, even today I don't do much for backgrounds on my images unless the cricumstances call for it). Once I was comfortable enough with backgrounds I started working on characters interacting more with items, and as of lately, eachother. My drawings have almost always had an anime/manga inspired style, which graduated from a DBZ/pokemon-like style to a Tenchi-like style to an Inuyasha-like style, and then a Megatokto-like style and lately I've gone from an Ah! My Goddess-like style to a more serious, slightly custom style, inspired mostly by Zyephen's beautiful style (Zyeph, you rock!~ ^_~). Anyway, that's pretty much the synopsis of my whole life in terms of art, in terms of me as a person, well... I've been called, insane, a stalker (jokingly), goofy, funny, a nerd, a geek, a hopeless/old fashioned romantic, a smartass, and also intelligent. I'm great with computers and I do tech support for a living, working for Gateway Computers. I'm 18, have my own car, cellphone, buy my own clothes, and pay my own bills, but still live with my mom while I'm trying to get into college. I'm a huge gamer, and a big fan of anime/manga, I go to conventions and cosplay, and though I design my costumes, I don't make them (I do make props, though ;D).

So, that's me. I do take requests (for free :D) and I don't care what you want me to draw. All my drawings are free to use/manipulate/color whatever way you want, all I ask is that you give me credit in anything that contains my work, and (of course) show it to me so I can see what you did! ^_^

Also I love hearing what people have to say about my work (good or bad) so please, critique! You'll notice that all my submissions here are labeled as "Potluck" because I want to know exactly what you think I'm going both right and wrong. ;D
Of course all those of you that crit me will get responses, granted it's not a flame or something else ignorant, so critting me is a great way to get crits yourself!


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