Stryx Imports & Genos For Sale

Oct 21, 2021, 3:19:33 PM | 0 Comments | 2 min read

Genos For Sale

These are the genos I have but don't have plans for at the moment and so I'm willing to take offers on or just outright sell them.


General Genos


Scorched Tipped Snow with Moon, Saddle and Streaks

Hooded Cloudy Ringed Jay Snow with Unders

Galyx Stained Snow with Ink and Moon

Flecked Scorched Nox with Ink, Crescent and Unders

Hooded Sable Snow with Brindle

Scorched Nox with Ink, Helm and Unders

Scorched Jay Snow Pangare

Frosted Scorched Nox with Helm, Flight, Dunstripe and Unders

Frosted Tipped Faded Jay Dual Nox with Unders


Snow Aurora

Galyx Silver Soil with Moon and Unders

Scorched Faded Ringed Canary Cardinal Jay Nox with Saddle

Tipped Faded Olive Snow Pangare with Streaks


Crowley x Euphoria

Currently working on a project, when complete any children remaining that I don't have intention to keep will be wild released to keep their line as tidy as possible.


Midnight Frosted Soil with Banding and Crescent

Midnight Frosted Scorched Soil with Unders

Soil with Banding

Frosted Soil

Frosted Stained Snow with Unders

Scorched Ringed Soil

Soil with Banding and Crescent

Ringed Soil with Crescent and Streaks

Frosted Faded Soil with Banding and Unders



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