| Check out my chains and my flow and gold teeth

Watch the power of the pup with no leash |

| Hyena Love |

| The Color Green |

| Female In body, male at heart |

| He/him pronouns |

| Openly pansexual |

| Polygamous |

| Libra |

| Chasin' dragons |

| Avid Role Player |

I like big sharp teeth, the color green, and a steady supply of sweets. I collect skulls and a number of other dead animal parts, including pelts, limbs, as well as wet specimens and hope to someday become a taxidermist. I have little tolerance for close minded, overly judgmental people. I wont judge you as long as I'm given the same courtesy. Also; keep your drama off my page and out of my inbox...this is my small corner of the internet. I'm pretty approachable... but people sometimes consider me a bit emotionally closed off. I don't intend to be. I love drawing and work to improve my skills as much as possible. If you're interested in chatting, feel free to yap at me.

Commissions: Tentative. Feel free to ask!

Trades: Open

Collaborations: Open

Requests: Sometimes if the mood strikes me. Doesn't hurt to ask me.

Roleplay: Always love to roleplay, though my RP's may be a wee on the dark side. Be warned.

Characters for Sale/Trade: Closed


Open for slot trades and split breedings, AP commissions, and other Stryx related activities. Just dm me!

PS: I'm just getting back into Stryx, so if you would like to do any art with me for some AP (collabs/trades/etc) I'm open! I'm also open for slot trades!

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