Alias': CassiesIllustrations & Hime Naya

Age: 23

Favorite Medium: Colored pencils, Charcoal, and Digital Media.

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, sewing, and playing dress up. I love to play with makeup and do people's hair. I thought about being a beautician, but my parents could only accept so much artsy ambition from me. lol, so, right now I'm working on my bachelors in illustration

Dream: My dream is to be an artist who creates illustrated short novels. ^^ All of my art is pretty much portraits or Japanese styled art ^^ . It's just what seems to catch my interest. ^^ I enjoy drawing pretty men and elegant/fantasy clothing.

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  • Cover for Blind Date

    Blind Date

    The morning goes slowly as the train travels to the city. She looks in the mirror again, "I hope he thinks I look pretty." A poem of a Blind Date (true story, lol)

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