Ello everyone my name Skylar, what can i say about myself....


There are 2 major things in my life, that mean a lot

:heart: Music

:heart: Anime!!



When it comes to art i'm a writer not an artist, the farthest thing from one. I write all sorts of things Poems, fanfic, and lots of fiction stuff. I like weird writing styles but i think they work pretty well. I  hope you all like it when its up....



:heart: Now my fave anime!!!! :heart:

  :star: Bleach
:star: Naruto
:star: Inu-Yasha
:star: This Ugy Yet Beautiful World
:star: Full Metal Panic -and the whole trilogy
:star:  Myth Loki
:star: Blood +
 :star: Samuraii Champloo
:star: Cowboy Bebop
:star: Full Metal Panic
:star: Death Note
And  SOOOOOO Many More!!!


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