I'm 21!years old and have been drawing things (it started out as dolphins and marine life, as well as dinosaurs and big monsters and such - amazing how far one comes) for as long back as I can remember - but if you want to talk about when I was truly -serious- about it, I'd have to say more of late middle school throughout highschool and now. I attended college in Idaho at ISU for a semester before a financial crisis hit my family (my parents were cheated and as they were the way I was to go to college, I would have had no support so..nada on that) and I eventually had a break down one Saturday with my parents before going to work. So, I moved in with some friends, followed them to Florida and now I'm once again back in Colorado. Still with them and trying to figure out exactly where I am and who I am.

Interests are fairly simple - I'm not a huge gamer, but enjoy mainly the Final Fantasy franchise (FF7 especially) and the Dynasty Warriors series (but due to money things, I've been really limited lately as to what I can do). I've been learning table-top, paper and pencil RPG while I also RP on the 'net (though that has been lacking lately). Other than that I love to read, write, draw, watch anime, read manga and generally hole up in a corner. :)

I've been largely self taught, art wise (the most extensive I "learned", honestly, was how to realistically shade an eye), so this means there'll be some really good and some really bad. ^^; I tend to think I make more really bad than really good so uh...if you ask me if I do commissions... I may just pass out. And laugh and find someone to tell me I'm not insane. I mostly draw originalish sort of things, and some of my friend's characters. I tend to doodle every day as well...>_>; Though if I had my way I'd be able to doodle, ink and color one thing all in one day so I didn't have so much left to catch up on. If you want to color any of my works, just ask. :) Also, if you've read this far, my hat's off to you, I tend to type my stream of thought. XD

Shock. Commissions are open and in my journal on DA : korsithkoris.deviantart.com

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    At the Gallery

    A story drabble written for the pleasure of myself and a friend, to whom part of these characters belong to. A simple little blurb about our characters in an art gallery and enjoying each others' company. Forgive me for the awkward, I am not used to using other people's characters so directly. :) Focal couple is two men, btw.

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