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    In Tokyo Nights

    Its about the twin brothers Akito and Akira yano(yeah, twins agen) That are playing in the moust hotest and moust popular band in Japan..! Theyr band is named Tokio night. Akito is the one that are singing and Akira is the one playing gitar. On drums we find theyr god friend Nachi yamaoka. And on bass Takao Suzuki...A replacement for Aki Yano..(yes..the yano brohters were one tripelts..) In the same town Tokyo a girl named Ai(yeah I realy like that name.) She wants to one day meat Akito Yano the lead vokalist of Tokio Night.(NO she is NOT A FANGIRL) She and akito were once god friends when they were smal, they even were girlfriend and boyfriend. Ahd has a photo in her room with her and Akito from the cildhood and every night before she goes to sleep she looks at it awile holding theyr love necrace tight. And In the same town Tokyo at night a boy named Akito is doing the eksakt same thing..just that he cant remenber what the girls name was..becouse he lost some of his memorie when he tried to save his trippling Aki...

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