• - Just an update -

    May 30, 2008, 8:41:46 AM | 0 Comments | 1 min read

    So. I decided to update this thing, just because.

    I don't really have anything interesting to say, haha. I'm just bored and needed something to do, I suppose.


    ...anyone interested in commissioning me? ;D Lol.

  • Commissions.. Scary!

    Feb 15, 2008, 2:08:52 PM | 0 Comments | 2 min read

    Yes, I find the fact that I have opened commissions kind of scary - because, for me, that is a big step and it will show if people really like my art or not.

    I'm not expecting anything, really. I don't even expect to get any orders. Talk about low self-esteem, right? You betcha. Working on it.

    Hmm. This is only my second ever blog entry to this site. I wonder why I haven't updated here?

    Anyway, I thought I'd copy and post the entry I've written over on Deviantart.


    Okay guys, I'm in need of money. I didn't get the job I applied for and there are no other jobs available at all right now, so I'm more or less screwed until the summer. (Sure, I still have the kindergartens to work at whenever they call, but I can't exactly rely on them calling and stuff, so... yeah.)

    I've been wanting to try doing commissions for quite some time now, so I think now is as good a time as anytime. (Man, is that even proper English? XD)

    I'll try to come up with decent, cheap prices soon, as I'm not very confident about this at all. But if you're interested in commissioning me, don't hesitate to send me a note about it, okay?!



    So, yes, I need some opinions on this.

  • First blog entry!

    Jan 11, 2008, 9:23:15 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read

    Hmmm. I wonder how often I'll use this thing. Oh well, I hope I will.


    Right now I don't have anything interesting to tell though, so... yeah.