I'm no expert, noe am I elite or a master of what I do, I just try to do what I can with my digital paintings. Anthropomorphic is my main subject,style,genre that I love right now, but I give it my own twist I guess, sad usally, and landscapes, elaborate backgrounds.

Most of my work is indeed filled with great emotion, and rather larg in size and memory, not to make it harder to look at, I just like keeping them how I made them, usually.

I'm rather nice, and friendly, and not sure what else to say here.

Enjoy my work!

I'm at alot of other sites, and you may find diferent things if you look around.

All ArtWork © Katrkoriza Love Kitty

Do not repost,redistribute, Anywhere, without my permission, nor edit or modifie my work in anyway. Respect my stuff ^_^ if you wanna show someone my work, atleast link them to my page, here, on deviantart, or on furaffinity, or type my name into google and find me to link them to my other work, the more people that see my work the better.

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