I don't always respond to comments, faves, etc, but I do read them all, and I do appreciate them (thanks everyone!). I also have this horrible habit of nuking my submissions inbox if it looks intimidating, so if there was something you wanted me to look at and I missed it, please don't be offended n_n;.

Critique is always nice, I just ask that it be respectful and constructive. I like to know why something looks wierd, not that it sucksomgwtfbbq.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to chat, you can contact me here or on my DA, listed here:


I use MSN and AIM. If you'd like to contact me on either, please send me a personal message asking for usernames.

Please take note that while under the site rules I must post xenomorphic artwork under the anthro/yiff tag, I do not accept anthro or yiff commissions, requests, etc.

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  • Cover for Epsies Dine Out

    Epsies Dine Out

    Epsilons have an appetite for xenomorphs. Cyrnoh has a taste for royalty. Written for a friend, who is the creator of the Epsilons, part of the Aliens universe, hence the fan fiction tag.

  • Cover for Paths of Angels

    Paths of Angels

    A dead man steps out of dreams and offers a small threat. EDIT: I've found the chapters I had written aside from the one-shot and I added them to this. Still a WIP.

  • Cover for Four Horns

    Four Horns

    Trin and Cor on a quest to fight the Diablos cousins.

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