Name: Kirin

D.O.B. 20/09/85

Location: England

Current occupation: Library assistant

Hobbies and Interests: reading; writing; drawing; riding (horses); tae kwon do; krav maga ; martial arts; literature; libraries, librarianship, education, fanfiction (duh); anime and manga; languages; learning about other cultures/religions/traditions; a bunch of other stuff that I’m probably forgetting right now; weirdness in general

Fandoms: I’m currently writing for the Inuyasha fandom, although I may write for others in the future. (Even though putting up with just one fandom is bad enough for a miserable old git like me. :) ) I also do the occasional piece of fanart.

Pairings: The best phrase to sum up my stance on pairings would probably be, “You are entitled to your own opinion – just don’t bug me for having one.” I don’t mind what other people choose to ship and I'm pretty happy to like and let like. I tend not to get that into shipping unless I *really* like the pairing though, so I don't have that many ships of my own.

Inuyasha-wise, my OTPs are InuyashaxKagome and JakotsuxBankotsu.


Fic status:

12/06/21: Nope, still not dead. :p I've uploaded the prologue of my latest WIP, Bend and Don't Break. This one's an InuKag AtLA AU. I'm going to upload the rest of the story so far over the next couple of weeks.

12/11/17: Decided to start uploading some more of my fanfiction here, beginning with some one shots. I'll upload some more over the next few weekends.

04/11/17: The final chapter of Echoes is now up. Constructive criticism is very welcome!

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    A Box of Ficlets

    A collection of short fanfics about the Inuyasha cast. The age rating is likely to go up for later ficlets. Updated sporadically.

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