Name: Kirin

D.O.B. 20/9/85

Location: England

Current occupation: Library assistant

Hobbies and Interests: reading; writing; drawing; riding (horses); tae kwon do; krav maga ; martial arts; literature; libraries, librarianship, education, fanfiction (duh); anime and manga; languages; learning about other cultures/religions/traditions; a bunch of other stuff that I’m probably forgetting right now; weirdness in general

Fandoms: I’m currently writing for the Inuyasha fandom, although I may write for others in the future. (Even though putting up with just one fandom is bad enough for a miserable old git like me. :) ) I also do the occasional piece of fanart.

Pairings: The best phrase to sum up my stance on pairings would probably be, “You are entitled to your own opinion – just don’t bug me for having one.” I don’t mind what other people choose to ship and I'm pretty happy to like and let like. I tend not to get that into shipping unless I *really* like the pairing though, so I don't have that many ships of my own.

Inuyasha-wise, my OTPs are InuyashaxKagome and JakotsuxBankotsu. Other ships I dabble in include SuikotsuxKikyou, KougaxAyame and KohakuxRin.


Fic status:

12/11/17: Decided to start uploading some more of my fanfiction here, beginning with some one shots. I'll upload some more over the next few weekends.

04/11/17: The final chapter of Echoes is now up. Constructive criticism is very welcome!

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    A Box of Ficlets

    A collection of short fanfics about the Inuyasha cast. The age rating is likely to go up for later ficlets. Updated sporadically.

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