I'm 19

Im currently on a sabattical from my college

I work part time in a retail store currently on the prowl for a second job

Im an artist, I usully do digital art but i perfer pencil to my stylus but my scanner is whacked out..

Ive been drawing as long as i can remeber and have been a anthro artist for the last 2 years

I draw lots of things but im mainly anthro art

My main character or my  fursona who basically a reincarantion of me is Kiziku

she's 19  of aferican american descent, but shes hybrid of dragon and felin in short shes a dragon cat

Her mate (my boyfrien0 Is Duck hes appears to be a normal dragon but really hes a ailen =/ But i still love him <3

So yea..lost od my doodles and drawins you'll are of him and her but also our whacky oh so loveable friends <3

So i hope you enjoyed reading this for i enjoyed typing it up And enjoy the art *bows*

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