I'm an obsessive anime fan who turned artist about 7 years ago, but my passion since I was a child has been writing! I'm just giving this site a sorta test run to see if I like it or not. I've been on DA for over 4 years, but lately there has been a storm brewing, and I want to have an escape plan just in case I ever get hit (which, no doubt, will inevitably happen eventually....). So, for now, there will be only a small transfer of art and whatnot over here...maybe I'll actually put some of my writing up here...?
-Print: $4 per print (3 for $10)
-New: $7 one character, $10 for two, 3+ negotiable
Shipping and Handling
-$2 to US (international may be more)
*Detailed background costs extra!
Will draw:
*anime/videogame characters
*Disney characters
*fan characters
*original characters
*shounen-ai and shoujo ai

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