A new year, a new profile update!

I fell in love with the anime with the anime Inuyasha about a two years ago. I have since started reading, and writing fanfiction for series. In fact most, if not all of my artwork is a reflection of this current obsession.

My paring of choice: Sesshoumaru and Kagome, of course. I don't mind reading well written stories that focus on canon parings, I just have never been inspired to write one myself. 

I like writing for this fandom, but I actually have very little writing experience, and I often find writting rather difficult. Talented authors often make it look so easy, but a lot goes into writing stories. I quickly discovered that it is far more challenging than I had initially believed. Coming up with ideas is the easy part. I don't usually have a hard time coming up with a title either, but summaries are difficult for me. My spelling, and grammar is at least passable. (I think). But for me, I think the greatest challange is word use. It is difficult to get readers to understand the story in a way that at least remotely reflects the way I see it in my head. The thesaurus is a great help, but even then it's hard. 

Yet in spite of all the challanges, I always finish my stories, and I keep coming back for more! I keep telling myself that after I finish my newest story, I'm going to retire. But then, I keep coming up with ideas. I just recently posted one, and I still have at least two or three story concepts started in my computer. I blame it on my muse. Once it comes up with something, it pretty much bludgeons me into submission.

I had posted two of my stories here, but they have since been pulled, due to lack of interest. I didn't feel the need to keep updating them when no one was reading them anyway. 


My stories can still be read at my homepage. The link that reads "website" on the upper right corner of this page.

Well, that's it for me!





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    Absolution's Pursuit

    In cleansing a hundred year old blemish from his family, Sesshoumaru invokes not only the wrath of his great and terrible sire, but even the gods themselves. Faced with the impending loss of that which he values most, he must find a means of absolution… or he will be destroyed.

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