My name is Ruth and I'm an addict.  I'm addicted to art, writing, and RP.  Among other things of course.  I'm here because I like to share my artwork with people that I hope can appreciate all that I've put into it.  The rules are really simple.  Feel free to look, comment, and enjoy.  But please be literate, polite, and for the love of ALL THINGS HOLY do not steal or use my art in any way. 


General Interests: fantasy, vampires, werewolves, pirates, books, movies, cats, rainstorms, romance, just about anything paranormal, RP, drawing, movies, writing, fan-art, laughter, random silly-ness

Personal Quote: Do it because you love to, not just because you can.

Tools of the Trade: Pencils, Technical Pens, Photoshop 7, Tablet, Copic and Prisma Markers 


DO NOT use, copy, alter, or distribute (this includes MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) any of my images without my expressed permission.

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