Hello People! Welcome to my little corner of the PD world!

Im a 35 year old lady who love to draw, write... I love many things but for the sake of not boring you, I'll just type a few.

I love comic books and manga; I used to collect X-Men, Uncanny X-men and Wolverine. I still buy some from time to time but as much as I used to. I Have the complete collection of Sailor Moon, Sailor V, Dragon Ball Z and Im starting to buy Inuyasha.Though I don't own the manga I loved Death Note, Sword Art Online, Van Helsing, Claymore and High School of the dead. 

I love RPG's I happily lost so many hours of my life playing Diablo, Fallout and the Elder Scrolls. I enjoyed many FPS like the DOOM serie,F.E.A.R. and so on.  Lately, I've been addicted to a game called The Bining of Isaac and Don't starve. Pretty awesome games.

My favorite caracters of all time will always be; Sailor Moon, Vegeta and Magneto. Though I have to say Kirito from SAO is growing on me.

If you like my art and would like me to do something special for you about any occasion about virtually anything...pm me or send me a e-mail, I'll be happy to draw for you If I can!


Cheers Mates! :)

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