You looking at my profile, are you lost?

Well while your here a little about me. I love to draw but was never really all that great, my work is mediocre:annoyed:. I came to paper demon to improve myself, the pictures i do are mostly parodies or pure fanart, i found that my own creations never seem to feel right:annoyed:.

Please remark on my work even to say its crap.

Now before you go, i'll take your soul, yoink!

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Latest writing

  • Cover for The Red Door

    The Red Door

    A short story I did for class...

  • Cover for Put up your Danes, sir!

    Put up your Danes, sir!

    Lawndale must face a new Morgendorffer as Daria's cousin Dane moves in with her.

  • Cover for Old Love and New Pains.

    Old Love and New Pains.

    This is the first story form a set that a friend and i have been working on. Set in the far future, mankind has spread out into the galaxy. One such places known as the World Nexus is home to thousands of mercanaries and bounty-hunters trying to make a living amongst the many worlds and colonies. But thier actionsa re also governed by the Underworld, a shadowy yet very powerful crime organisation that poses a very real threat to the law and order of the World Nexus.

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