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Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Robin.  Robin was afraid of crowds.  Whenever she was in a crowd she would sit in a corner, hug her knees and rock back and forth, trying her best to think of happy places.

One fateful day, Robin stepped innocently on to the early bus home after a long hard day at work serving pizza and snacks to starving college students.  Little did she know, that transfer would lead her into a realm of pure terror.  Unable to take the next transfer bus home, Robin was forced to ride on the packed bus.  The smell of unwashed bodies and badly-cared-for leather jackets permeated the air, sweat and drool glistened on the faces of people nearby - there was nowhere to sit, nowhere to stand, nowhere to even rock back and forth and go to her happy place.  Robin was so enclosed that she already felt as though she had been trampled by an angry mob.

Fortunately, all things pass, even if it feels like it may take an eternity, and Robin squoze herself out the bus doors when she at last made it to her stop so near to home.  At home - there are only four people and a cat to contend with.  She can manage them without trouble.

Happy Spring!

This message was brought to you by Beta-testers Canada.

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