• Going Forward...

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    Buckle up for the type of announcement that's going to be leaning quite a lot on the saddening side, but then it'll be somewhat happier towards the end since when there's a downside, sometimes there's a bright side also.



    With the new month arriving pretty much tomorrow, I will be returning back with creating brand new chapters of Miriam-chan's Delight II since with much discussion mostly towards myself along with making peace in missing the 30th of May as that was going to be the original date for the series finale or the essential movie which will serve as the series finale, it was going to be titled Heart Scandal which was fitting since that album by Nozomu Sasaki had just turned 30 years old or Tokyo City given that the overall plot is going to pay homage to the film.


    But since I had missed the date for the series finale and still not even close as I am only at the twenty-sixth chapter of the series, the series finale will be the thirty-fourth chapter all the way up to the thirty eighty chapter and will get the flavor of a movie or a television special like The Tower of Babel did along with Crazy Summer which is currently ongoing still.


    Release date will on the 28th of Decemeber and the title will officially be Seducer: His Love and Pride which is fitting because of not only the title coming from a tour that Nozomu Sasaki did in promotion for his second album titled Junjou which will also be 30 years old also. (The album was released on the 28th of December 1990), because of the rather intersting but also kind of risky direction that I am planning to take with the entire story from the the twenty-sixth chapter and forward.


    For sure, it's not the first time in going a different direction as the first half of the series was a blend of adventure, light comedy, drama and romance, the second half was a blend of still the same exact thing but there was sprinkles of sadness especially for the chapters focusing on Alexandria/Yuri.


    And then, the third half of the series was pretty much the same thing in a sense, but once the fourth and current half of the series was starting up from the twenty first chapter, I had decided to go for more of a blend of romantic drama with adventure and still light comedy which isn't anything different, but the romantic drama to be completely honest is much stronger in comparsion to the previous halves of the series and to be honest it's not a bad thing, but something to keep in mind when getting to the more recent chapters as I decided to go for that direction and really it's been enjoyable, at least for myself as the writer and reader as I like to sometimes read my own works and revision them in case that's needed.


    Speaking of that.


    Because of the anniversary of Miriam-chan's Delight II which was on the 11th of this month, I have been revising the earlier chapters mostly out of wanting to make them rather stronger and give Kuro in particular more of the spotlight when it comes to any of the chapters that'll possibily feature Alexandria/Yuri since they're both inspired by a dear friend of mine and their beloved whom they're in a open relationship with.




    It'll be best to feature Kuro more considering how things will definitely go in the series finale of Miriam-chan's Delight will be published on a different site (Blogger) either on the 26th of November which is the birthday of yours only (me) or early December because of working on Miriam-chan's Delight II also.


    But to spoil just a medium amount of the finale for the first series, Kuro had decided to pass on becoming completely one with the yin spirit of Atsushi and will forever stay with Alexandria/Yuri because he doesn't want to leave them, he already has a strong attachment towards them. if anything he wants to be with them for eternity, he wants to be forever their only guardian and lover, no one should those roles besides him.


    He sounds rather possessive but that's how he can be towards the raven haired person in particular.


    They almost belong to him, at least in his eyes.


    Still though, knowing that the finale of Miriam-chan Delight will have that sort of thing in the series finale, it'll be best that I featured more of Kuro into the story for the sequel as he's part of the universe along with Alexandria/Yuri 


    You gotta have both and not exactly one or the other which was sadly the move I had made before revising the earlier chapters of the sequel and after looking at the scrapped storyline which was used for a one shot special in celebration of Miriam-chan's Delight II officially turning a year old, I decided to revise the earlier chapters of the sequel and no need to really repeat my decision in why I am doing that.


    Returning back to rolling with the direction for the upcoming half of the series that'll be both interesting and kind of risky considering, well already I have done or really attempted to do the best in making sure not to cross too far of a line with all sorts of scenes in the series.


    For example, I had decided to moderately alter the scene of where Masahiro does get a bit touchy with Miriam-chan and tried my best in not mentioning certain things which could've been rather explicit to say the least, the scene where Miriam-chan and Nozomu have a one night stand was given the same exact treatment but in retrospect, it was a smart move considering the aftermath where the two are feeling awkward, I wouldn't exactly say that would be a realistic feeling towards engaging in such a thing, but it made sense consdering the relationship that Miriam-chan and Nozomu had for the earlier chapters of the series or in particular.


    The first special titled The Tower of Babel.


    They were just good friends and didn't really have feelings for one another, despite my own feelings for the man who serves as inspiration for Nozomu, I still decided in the beginning to keep Miriam-chan and Nozomu simply friends and really the reason for the one night stand happening was because of wanting to add extra drama which I hope could be done with taste rather than distaste which was why I am glad in altering the scene where they slept together basically, I really couldn't do the scene with the steaminess included unless I wanted to move pretty much everything on the other side of Paper Demon which I didn't think was needed at the time.


    Even though, when getting to the scenes where Kaneto was more than close enough in doing a certain thing to Kotono in her room despite being her older brother and Kazue is viciously punishing the men who failed to kill Miriam-chan in particular by whipping them, definitely they were still given moderate alterations but unlike the previous scenes mentioned above, they still had a decent amount of intensity despite the alterations that I did.


    Only because I did just a single alteration for the scenes instead of combining two alterations together from the saved drafts I have of every chapter in the series published and soon to be published, speaking of the soon to be published chapters, I won't be doing much alterating with mainly the twenty sixth chapter to the thirtieth chapter because it's mostly going to be filled with a little more romantic drama and then action due to...


    Minor spoiler.


    Miriam-chan will have to deal with an android that has the power to shapeshift into anyone and super strength, but once the thirtieth chapter comes around, I can roll with the direction that'll be a blend of darker than usual, action packed with a mild touch of romance and slice of life or a blend of a comedy drama with sprinkles of romance which may be the safer route than the other direction, it's because of certain things that'll be a bit much to add into the series, things such as neglection, obession and long term emotional abuse that will be shown in flashbacks but the character who suffered that will be much younger in the flashbacks.


    Which is going to be quite risky.


    Especially since the character will be younger and it's not going to be done with exploitation whatsoever, as a person who has dealt with not exactly emotional abuse but neglection and overall indirect shuning from family because of not really being knowledgable enough or whatever in helping me grow, I wouldn't dare tackle the subject matters that feel close to home in a way that is exploiting, even though I didn't exactly have emotional abuse in my life but I feel I have at least educated myself with that and why I feel I can bring that sort of thing to the story in a hopefully tasteful way, I don't know since I really just don't know.


    But for now.


    It's more than likely out of playing it safe, I will probably go with the second direction which isn't too bad but I wouldn't mind going with a darker and almost edgier thing for the story but again I have to be mindful in a sense of how far I may go as there's a reason why I often don't go to places where you may have to be mainly or almost strictly PG despite having sections for R-Rated.


    Because of the rules which some have their place and others don't really make sense, at least in my eyes and don't get me wrong, I wouldn't for a second go out of my way to make stories that'll feature rather weird stuff or anything that could be highly uncomfortable to some, I've seen all sorts of things in my life and have done many stories which I doubt I may share here because in reality I don't think it'll be the finest idea.


    There's nothing weird about them, I just don't think I would go out of the way to share away other stories I did besides Miriam-chan's Delight II, I feel that series is probably going to be one of the few things I will bring here, I have a few other ones like Mew Mew (you already or may know that one) and Alexandria and the Doctor along with Colors of Pride.


    But other works are safely stored on my computer in a word processing document and some are on many other sites such as Blogger, WattPad, DA and Ao3 because I just have accounts there, I may share them even though I may pass.


    It's really because I guess I prefer to be low-key or something, I dunno but for sure I don't really have the interest in sharing links to other things I am connected to, I'd just keep that with me and maybe some others if interested.


    But question you may think when reading this ramble of a blog entry, are you still going to continue with working on Miriam-chan's Delight II and go for the somewhat lighter direction instead of the darker one?


    Answer is going to be a firm yes because it'll be the best move to make, despite the sprinkles of sadness I have, but in reality that's just the life of a creative soul and really dealing with ways to still write a story in a box with a outside of the box mindset can be irritating.


    But that's just it is.


    Not saying that Paper Demon is like being in a box though, I am very thankful to be here and still feel a strong amount of freedom with what to write, which means a lot to me and really I'll keep going with Miriam-chan's Delight II there.


    But just going to be a bit more mindful really.


    And that's really it.






  • Megumi Memeshi

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    Megumi Memeshi 


    Birthday: June 6th


    Zodiac Sign: Gemini


    Age: 22


    Height: 5'10


    Friends: Miriam-chan (best friend), Masako (close friend)


    Relatives: Michiru (daughter)


    Love Interests: Masako (girlfriend)


    Biography: Debuting in the twenty-second chapter of the series as potentially a troublemaker at least in the eyes of Kazuki and his gang, it's revealed quite later in the chapter that she's actually isn't a troublemaker but someone who is doing everything that they can to get a cat back from the kidnappers or essentially Kazuki and his gang, with the help of Miriam-chan and Mamoru in a sense, she does get the cat back and kind of becomes friends with Miriam-chan, it's not exactly clear.


    Will she be making more appearances along with her cat and girlfriend which was mentioned in the chapter? There's a strong possibility that'll be happening as the chapter was a pleasure to do according to the author herself. (Miriam-chan)


    Personality: Right from the get-go in the twenty second chapter, she can be quite a tough cookie who would do whatever it takes to get anything dear to her back and then really sweet towards things that are dear to her such as Michiru for example.


    Michiru means the world to her really.


    Fun Fact 1 - Her first name is a reference to the first name of the one and only Megumi Ogata, essentially the original Japanese voice actress for my favorite characters such as Kurama, Haruka, Yukito and many more!


    Fun Fact 2 - She even shares a birthday with her and is just as tall as Haruka is actually. 


    Fun Fact 3 - The name of her pet cat is a reference to Sailor Neptune's civilian name.


    Fun Fact 4 - Her personality in a sense is inspired by Haruka's


    Fun Fact 5 - Her last name means "effeminate" 


    Illustrations of her by me will be coming real soon!

  • Hisako Uchiki

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    Hisako Uchiki


    Birthday: February 22nd


    Zodiac Sign: Pisces


    Age: 75


    Height: 4'9


    Relatives: Nozomu (grandson), 


    Spouses: Tessho (husband)


    Friends: Nozomu (best friend), Kotono (best friend), Miriam-chan (best friend)


    Biography: Debuting somewhat later in the series as the elderly woman who stumbles across Miriam-chan sleeping on the couch in the living room of her house, then assumes she probably is either a new friend or girlfriend of her only grandson, it's quickly clarifed because of already knowing that her heart is for Mamoru and him only, she is just a new friend of his and nothing more for a little while until the twenty second chapter of the series where things became rather quirky.


    But aside from that, after being quickly told that she's only but a new friend to Nozomu in the earlier parts of the series, Hisako believed her and from onward has been mostly a secondary character througout the series so far, in the currently ongoing special titled Crazy Summer however, she will be getting a little bit more spotlight than before due to what will be happening later in the special, for the series as it's currently on it's twenty-fifth chapter, she'll be probably make more appearances but still remain as a secondary character.


    Personality: Rather pleasant but can be protective also, especially towards Nozomu, Kotono and Miriam-chan since they're closest to her relationship wise.


    Fun Fact 1 - Her first name is a reference to the first name of Genkai's original Japanese voice actress.


    Fun Fact 2 - She even shares a birthday with the voice actress.


    Fun Fact 3 - Her relationship with Nozomu along with the nickname she gets from him is a reference to one that Yusuke has in a sense with Genkai to the point where in the Japanese version of the anime adaption of Yu Yu Hakusho only, he often calls her obachan (grandma).


    Fun Fact 4 - Her husband's first name is a reference to the first name of Younger Toguro's original Japanese voice actor which was fitting.


    Illustrations of her from me will be coming soon!



  • Interview with the Author #4

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    Favorite chapters or moments of Miriam-chan's Delight II?


    Rather difficult to answer since there's many favorite moments along with chapters in the series, if I were to pick in a sense, I would pick the moment when Miriam-chan is saved by the White Tiger for the first time, Yuri-kun meeting Hidehiko for the first time, Nozomu and Kotono finally becoming a item despite him having a one night stand with Miriam-chan, which I would admit that was also a favorite because I wanted to do something quite unexpecting. *laughs*

    Favorite chapters if I were to simply choose, probably the chapter where Miriam-chan has to fight Kazue because she wants Mamoru all to herself and the one of Megumi getting her pet cat back from Kazuki and his apparently scary gang.


    That chapter was definitely a odd one, reminded me a lot of something from a rather old anime.


    Well the overall b-plot for the second half of that chapter was inspired by a episode of Yu Yu Hakusho where a character named Kazuma Kuwabara does get his beloved kitten back, that might've been a chapter of the manga wasn't included in the anime though, it's been a long time since I have seen or read chapers of the series, particularly in English to be exact.


    Which version of the series do you prefer?


    Both versions, only because they're equally great in my opinion.


    One of them isn't superior or ?


    Countless amount of people who love the series dearly can tell you which version is apparently better, it's strongly based on preference though.


    You don't really believe in a suprerior version?


    Not exactly since that goes against how I watch anime in particular, I always tend to watch both versions if there is both and go out of my way to see what is different, I cannot exactly say I watch both versions to see which is the best, but to see what was changed or sometimes why people love the particular version of the anime and why the original version is not exactly a favorite.


    Sounds like you're not really fond of the "sub vs dub" debate then.


    Never have been a fan of it to begin with honestly.


    Returning back to Miriam-chan's Delight II or particularly the chapter where Megumi gets her kitten Michiru back, will she be making any more appearances?


    Definitely, she's going to be making more appearances along with Michiru too.


    She also has a girlfriend from you implied in the chapter, why did you roll with that card?


    Because since she has a kitten named Michiru which is a obvious reference to Sailor Neptune's civilian name, she has to have a girlfriend which to spoil another soon to be made chapter. that has cat by the name of Haruka and also the name of the girlfriend mentioned in the twenty second chapter is Masako.


    Another reference to Sailor Neptune's original Japanese voice actress.


    Plus, I really couldn't picture Megumi having a boyfriend to be honest also.


    Why couldn't you picture that?


    Because the character of Megumi is quite based on Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus personality wise in a sense and her appearance is inspired by Megumi Ogata's overall appearance now in days or so(ish)


    That's why I couldn't picture the boyfriend thing with Megumi.


    I couldn't because of already sticking to that idea.





  • Interview with the Author #3

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    What inspired you in a sense to make a sequel to Miriam-chan's Delight?


    The countless amount of dreams that I had at the time of meeting and falling instantly in love with a young man whom looked an awful lot like Mamoru Chiba from the Sailor Moon series along with other things in a way(ish)


    That inspired you in a sense to make a sequel?




    Originally, you didn't really have any plans in making a sequel for the series or that's what I would assume.


    Honestly, I didn't have any sort of plans make a sequel because at the time or like around early April of last year, I just had plans to conclude Miriam-chan's Delight altogether and depending on the mood, I could write up a collection of side stories that'll be connected to the series, but making a sequel to the series wasn't going to happen at that time, I would say because at that time, I was quite sure of ending the series and possibily making side stories depending on the mood.


    When did you put that plan to bed, since as of right now, you are working on chapters of the sequel to Miriam-chan's Delight


    During the middle week of July 2019, since that's when I started to have those dreams of the man who served as inspiration for Mamoru in the sequel.




  • Alexandria "Sha" Hargreaves/Yuri "Sha" Hargreaves

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    Alexandria "Sha" Hargreaves/Yuri "Sha" Hargreaves


    Birthday: May 4th


    Zodiac Sign: Taurus 


    Age: 21 (originally 18 and then 20 towards the end of the first series)


    Height: 5'3 


    Relatives: Micky and Robert (brothers), Miriam-chan (adopted sister)


    Friends: Miriam-chan (best friend), Kuro (best friend/fiance)


    Love Interests: Kuro (first boyfriend/fiance), Hidehiko (second boyfriend)


    Biography: Debuting firstly in the tenth chapter of the first series as simply a new student in Strawberry Fields High School that quickly caught the attention of Serenity possibily because of the whole outfit of theirs which one could say had a bit of an artist vibe, even though the raven haired teenager was simply wearing a sleeveless black turtleneck with black pants and slip on shoes that matched the outfit altogether.


    Throughout much of the first series along with the side story collections that are connected also.


    Alexandria was given a decent amount of character along with a dream guardian/boyfriend and two supportive brothers who make appearances from time to time, it'll be more than likely also shown in the future chapters of a currently ongoing special story titled Alexandria and the Doctor.


    They have a lot more than just two siblings regarding family and quite a childhood along with adolescence that was rather interesting to put it lightly.


    Currently in the second series, they're living with their brothers in a small house located in New Haven, CT and gradually in the process of wanting to pursue another dream of theirs, which is to become a even more confident but also successful artist with webcomics of their own to share to hopefully others.




    We'll see what happens!


    Personality: Because of quite a struggle to overcome social anxiety along with other notable things on the mental side of the coin, the raven haired artist is not exactly one to interact with anyone in the unknown side mostly, only people who are quite close to them such as Micky, Robert, Kuro, Miriam-chan and Hidehiko can be interacted with in much ease.


    Because of the closeness along with trust they have with them perhaps.


    For older men that happens to be attractive also, there's a bit of a exception to either they can interact with them or not.


    It depends.



    Fun Fact 1 - Their full name is a reference to one of the full names that my best friend has.


    Fun Fact 2 - They even share the same birthday as my best friend along with the height as Sailor Mars actually.


    Fun Fact 3 - When debuting in the first series, they were addressed originally with the pronouns of she/her, but in the second series and out of wanting to extra faithful to the inspiration behind the character, they are currently addressed with the pronouns of they/them.


    Fun Fact 4 - The first names of their siblings are references to the first names of my best friend's siblings.


    Fun Fact 5 - Their dreams of becoming a successful artist with webcomics is another reference to one of my best friend's dreams.


    Good luck with that! :)



    Illustrations of them by me will be coming real soon!







  • Hidehiko Hoshino

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    Hidehiko Hoshino


    Birthday: June 16th


    Zodiac Sign: Gemini


    Age: 25


    Height: 5'9


    Friends: Atsushi (late childhood friend), Yutaka (childhood friend), Takashi (childhood friend), Hisashi (childhood friend)


    Love Interests: Alexandria/Yuri (romantic partner)


    Biography: Firstly debuting in the earlier chapters of the second series as simply another potiential love interest for Alexandria/Yuri, in the somewhat later chapters of the second series, he still remains a potential love interest but is given a decent amount of  character along with a bit of a backstory which most explains why he travelled from his hometown all the way to West Haven, CT.


    He had plans to go back there, but after experiencing countless dreams of meeting someone whom looked an awful like Alexandria/Yuri, he decided to remain in West Haven and go out of his way to hopefully find the person he keeps seeing in his dreams.


    He eventually meets Alexandria/Yuri at a convention in the area and begins a bit of a friendship with them at first in the beginning of the second series, but their friendship later evolves into mostly a fluffy romance in the special story connected to the second series titled Rainy Blue and it's possible that may continue to evolve.


    But we'll see.


    Personality: Mostly pleasant and kind towards Alexandria along with others which will be shown in the upcoming twenty-sixth chapter of the second series.


    Fun Fact 1 - His first and last name is a reference to one of my best friend's crushes who is also the rhythm guitarist of Buck Tick.


    Fun Fact 2 - He also shares the same birthday.


    Fun Fact 3 - The first names of his childhood friend s are references to the first names of the members of Buck Tick.



    Illustrations of him by me will be coming soon!



  • Kuro

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    Birthday: March 7th


    Zodiac Sign: Pisces


    Age: 24 (in the first series), 28 (in the second series)


    Height: 5'8


    Friends: Alexandria/Yuri (best friend/fiancee) 


    Spouses: Alexandria/Yuri (fiancee)


    Biography: Firstly introduced in the side story which was connected to the first series as simply someone that Alexandria would hallucinate about for some reason, later on the raven haired youth would see him in the dream world and wanted to dislike him greatly because of believing he was probably a incubus, but noticing for a moment in how attractive he was and the fact he saved them from being potential food for the demons in the dream world.


    They decided to put their dislike aside completely and begin a friendship with the young man to the point where he was given a nickname due to not exactly remembering his name, the nickname would be more of a name to the young man since it's eventually revealed much later in the first series that he was once the yang spirit to a deceased aspiring artist named Atsushi.


    Sadly though...


    Because of the forceful separation with the yin spirit of Atsushi for some reason, Kuro was transported to the dream world and spent a very long time trying to find the yin spirit due to at first wanting to be united with it so Atsushi can be a completed spirit and be with the spirit of his lover Ayumu in the Realm of Gold.


    Sadly because of being away from the yin spirit for so long, Kuro began to lose much of his memories and when he first encounted Alexandria in a dream, he was pretty much an amnesiac spirit to say the least.


    During the finale of the entire first series, he does reunite with the yin spirit thanks to the help of Aibo and could've departed from his beloved Alexandria at that point to become one with the yin spirit, which means Atsushi will be a completed spirit could go straight to the Realm of Gold to be with Ayumu's completed spirit.


    But knowing that means he'll never see Alexandria because of being a completed spirit and being in a realm that is essentially heaven in a sense, Kuro decided that he doesn't want to become one with the yin spirit or simply leave someone very dear to him.

    There's probably a way that the yin spirit can be with Ayumu's completed spirit, but he doesn't want to become one with the yin spirit and even say farewell to Alexandria since he wants to spend the rest of his life with them in the dream world as that's only the place he can be in order to spend time with the raven haired artist, because of being only half of a spirit, he can't exactly request a human shell due to that only being for completed spirits to request if they wanted to come back to the realm of the humans.


    Only he could request a temporary shell which lasts like a whole day and not something one can have forever.


    In the upcoming twenty-sixth chapter of the second series, he decides to make a request in having a temporary shell because of wanting to spend time with Alexandria in the realm of the humans and hopefully muster enough courage to propose to them in that world, since in the dream world he was almost able to make that sort of move, but started to feel himself getting a bit nervous due to probably concerns he has of the raven-haired artist simply saying no and revealing that they only love Hidehiko.


    No one else.


    From that chapter forward, he will be making more appearances also.


    Personality: Since his debut appearance in the side story connected to the first series, he's been mostly a rather kind fellow towards Alexandria in particular since that's probably the only person that he spends time with throughout the series, he can be quite a jealous or borderline possessive kind of person whenever there's another man laying their eyes on his beloved one too.


    For example in Alexandria and the Doctor and the upcoming twenty sixth chapter of the second series.


    Fun Fact 1 - His nickname literally means black in Japanese


    Fun Fact 2 - His creation and relationship with Alexandria is inspired by the one that my friend has with Karasu from the Yu Yu Hakusho series.


    Fun Fact 3: He shares a birthday along with height as Atsushi Sakurai from Buck Tick.


    Illustrations of him by me will be coming really soon!





  • Interview with the Author #2

    Jun 17, 2020, 1:33:47 AM | 0 Comments | 3 min read

    So you're not really close to the deadline chapter yet.

    Miriam-chan: Nope, but I'll get there eventually!


    Definitely, you'll get there for sure! I'd even say that you've come a long way as a writer too.

    Miriam-chan: You've been keeping up with that? 


    Yeah, I have kept up with the majority of stories you've shared to the public, I would say that my favorites is going to be Rainy Blue and The Tower of Babel.

    Miriam-chan: Those are also my favorites too, regarding specials I've completed in the Miriam-chan's Delight II universe.


    Are you going to make any more?

    Miriam-chan: You betcha! I've already started to write up two more specials and one of them already has a chapter up on here, the second one because of how rather extremely mature it's going to be, I may publish that on Dark Side Stories or my second blog on a different site.


    Sounds great! I'm looking forward to see that! 

    Miriam-chan: Likewise, I can't wait to take the time to read what I've completed entirely.


    I've got a couple of more questions and it's regarding romantic pairings in the series.

    Miriam-chan: Alrighty! 


    Miriam and Kotono already are paired with Mamoru and Nozomu, but will Yuri be paired with Hidehiko by any chance or even Micky with Minnie as that was also mentioned too in the series?

    Miriam-chan: Micky and Minnie are dating already in the series, but I would say without spoiling too much, Yuri-kun is going to be in a love triangle honestly.


    What do you mean by that?

    Miriam-chan: In the first series, they're romantically involved in the dream world with a mysterious young man, nicknamed Kuro by them because of wearing black most of the time.


    Ahhh! I didn't know that!

    Miriam-chan: That's alright, I haven't really put much of the first series in the sequel because I haven't completed that entirely.


    Don't want to spoil too much really

    Miriam-chan: Pretty much.


    But with Kuro already or hopefully introduced in the first series, he'll be in the second series?

    Miriam-chan: Definitely, I already have plans regarding how to get him in there without spoiling too much of the first series.


    Is there already a love triangle thing in the sequel?

    Miriam-chan: Yeaaaah, Miriam has Mamoru along with his alter-ego, the White Tiger.


    That's not exactly a love triangle if they're the same person...

    Miriam-chan: Well to be honest, Miriam doesn't know that they're the same person.


    Gotcha, but I still believe that Yuri is gonna have a more legit love triangle.

    Miriam-chan: Fair enough response! *laughs*


  • Interview with the Author #1

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    What's the most difficult thing to do as a writer?

    Miriam-chan: Just coming up with the beginning of any chapter honestly.


    Who do you think the ideal guy is for Miriam-chan? Nozomu or Mamoru?

    Miriam-chan: Despite the strong romantic feelings I have for the inspirations for those two characters, I'd say that Mamoru is the ideal guy for Miriam-chan honestly,


    Do you have plans to end Miriam-chan's Delight II anytime soon?

    Miriam-chan: I will be ending the entire series on the 30th of this month, I already wrote up the finale on the 30th of last month which was the 30th anniversary of an album that I would always play because there's tracks that I'd say were the second and third opening theme to the series.


    In that case then, the series finale be in the form of chapters or?

    Miriam-chan: Yeah, because it'll be easier for me to handle than do like another special, only because to spoil a little, the series finale is going to be really, really long and in a sense paying homage to a film I saw back in August of last year titled "Tokyo City"


    What was that film about, if that's alright to ask?

    Miriam-chan: It's essentially about a young man that goes on a hunt for a young lady that he's obviously gotten a crush on, but not all goes entirely successful with that hunt even if he seeked help from others, which is the best part of the entire film in my opinion.


    That's pretty interesting, can't wait to see you pay homage to that.

    Miriam-chan: I'll be uploading the series finale which is going to be 4 chapters long, after I get to the thirty-fourth chapter of the series which I'm not there yet.


    Where are you exactly in the series?

    Miriam-chan: I'm at the twenty-fourth chapter of the series.