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Birthday: March 7th


Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Age: 24 (in the first series), 28 (in the second series)


Height: 5'8


Friends: Alexandria/Yuri (best friend/fiancee) 


Spouses: Alexandria/Yuri (fiancee)


Biography: Firstly introduced in the side story which was connected to the first series as simply someone that Alexandria would hallucinate about for some reason, later on the raven haired youth would see him in the dream world and wanted to dislike him greatly because of believing he was probably a incubus, but noticing for a moment in how attractive he was and the fact he saved them from being potential food for the demons in the dream world.


They decided to put their dislike aside completely and begin a friendship with the young man to the point where he was given a nickname due to not exactly remembering his name, the nickname would be more of a name to the young man since it's eventually revealed much later in the first series that he was once the yang spirit to a deceased aspiring artist named Atsushi.


Sadly though...


Because of the forceful separation with the yin spirit of Atsushi for some reason, Kuro was transported to the dream world and spent a very long time trying to find the yin spirit due to at first wanting to be united with it so Atsushi can be a completed spirit and be with the spirit of his lover Ayumu in the Realm of Gold.


Sadly because of being away from the yin spirit for so long, Kuro began to lose much of his memories and when he first encounted Alexandria in a dream, he was pretty much an amnesiac spirit to say the least.


During the finale of the entire first series, he does reunite with the yin spirit thanks to the help of Aibo and could've departed from his beloved Alexandria at that point to become one with the yin spirit, which means Atsushi will be a completed spirit could go straight to the Realm of Gold to be with Ayumu's completed spirit.


But knowing that means he'll never see Alexandria because of being a completed spirit and being in a realm that is essentially heaven in a sense, Kuro decided that he doesn't want to become one with the yin spirit or simply leave someone very dear to him.

There's probably a way that the yin spirit can be with Ayumu's completed spirit, but he doesn't want to become one with the yin spirit and even say farewell to Alexandria since he wants to spend the rest of his life with them in the dream world as that's only the place he can be in order to spend time with the raven haired artist, because of being only half of a spirit, he can't exactly request a human shell due to that only being for completed spirits to request if they wanted to come back to the realm of the humans.


Only he could request a temporary shell which lasts like a whole day and not something one can have forever.


In the upcoming twenty-sixth chapter of the second series, he decides to make a request in having a temporary shell because of wanting to spend time with Alexandria in the realm of the humans and hopefully muster enough courage to propose to them in that world, since in the dream world he was almost able to make that sort of move, but started to feel himself getting a bit nervous due to probably concerns he has of the raven-haired artist simply saying no and revealing that they only love Hidehiko.


No one else.


From that chapter forward, he will be making more appearances also.


Personality: Since his debut appearance in the side story connected to the first series, he's been mostly a rather kind fellow towards Alexandria in particular since that's probably the only person that he spends time with throughout the series, he can be quite a jealous or borderline possessive kind of person whenever there's another man laying their eyes on his beloved one too.


For example in Alexandria and the Doctor and the upcoming twenty sixth chapter of the second series.


Fun Fact 1 - His nickname literally means black in Japanese


Fun Fact 2 - His creation and relationship with Alexandria is inspired by the one that my friend has with Karasu from the Yu Yu Hakusho series.


Fun Fact 3: He shares a birthday along with height as Atsushi Sakurai from Buck Tick.


Illustrations of him by me will be coming really soon!





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