Hidehiko Hoshino

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Hidehiko Hoshino


Birthday: June 16th


Zodiac Sign: Gemini


Age: 25


Height: 5'9


Friends: Atsushi (late childhood friend), Yutaka (childhood friend), Takashi (childhood friend), Hisashi (childhood friend)


Love Interests: Alexandria/Yuri (romantic partner)


Biography: Firstly debuting in the earlier chapters of the second series as simply another potiential love interest for Alexandria/Yuri, in the somewhat later chapters of the second series, he still remains a potential love interest but is given a decent amount of  character along with a bit of a backstory which most explains why he travelled from his hometown all the way to West Haven, CT.


He had plans to go back there, but after experiencing countless dreams of meeting someone whom looked an awful like Alexandria/Yuri, he decided to remain in West Haven and go out of his way to hopefully find the person he keeps seeing in his dreams.


He eventually meets Alexandria/Yuri at a convention in the area and begins a bit of a friendship with them at first in the beginning of the second series, but their friendship later evolves into mostly a fluffy romance in the special story connected to the second series titled Rainy Blue and it's possible that may continue to evolve.


But we'll see.


Personality: Mostly pleasant and kind towards Alexandria along with others which will be shown in the upcoming twenty-sixth chapter of the second series.


Fun Fact 1 - His first and last name is a reference to one of my best friend's crushes who is also the rhythm guitarist of Buck Tick.


Fun Fact 2 - He also shares the same birthday.


Fun Fact 3 - The first names of his childhood friend s are references to the first names of the members of Buck Tick.



Illustrations of him by me will be coming soon!



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