Alexandria "Sha" Hargreaves/Yuri "Sha" Hargreaves

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Alexandria "Sha" Hargreaves/Yuri "Sha" Hargreaves


Birthday: May 4th


Zodiac Sign: Taurus 


Age: 21 (originally 18 and then 20 towards the end of the first series)


Height: 5'3 


Relatives: Micky and Robert (brothers), Miriam-chan (adopted sister)


Friends: Miriam-chan (best friend), Kuro (best friend/fiance)


Love Interests: Kuro (first boyfriend/fiance), Hidehiko (second boyfriend)


Biography: Debuting firstly in the tenth chapter of the first series as simply a new student in Strawberry Fields High School that quickly caught the attention of Serenity possibily because of the whole outfit of theirs which one could say had a bit of an artist vibe, even though the raven haired teenager was simply wearing a sleeveless black turtleneck with black pants and slip on shoes that matched the outfit altogether.


Throughout much of the first series along with the side story collections that are connected also.


Alexandria was given a decent amount of character along with a dream guardian/boyfriend and two supportive brothers who make appearances from time to time, it'll be more than likely also shown in the future chapters of a currently ongoing special story titled Alexandria and the Doctor.


They have a lot more than just two siblings regarding family and quite a childhood along with adolescence that was rather interesting to put it lightly.


Currently in the second series, they're living with their brothers in a small house located in New Haven, CT and gradually in the process of wanting to pursue another dream of theirs, which is to become a even more confident but also successful artist with webcomics of their own to share to hopefully others.




We'll see what happens!


Personality: Because of quite a struggle to overcome social anxiety along with other notable things on the mental side of the coin, the raven haired artist is not exactly one to interact with anyone in the unknown side mostly, only people who are quite close to them such as Micky, Robert, Kuro, Miriam-chan and Hidehiko can be interacted with in much ease.


Because of the closeness along with trust they have with them perhaps.


For older men that happens to be attractive also, there's a bit of a exception to either they can interact with them or not.


It depends.



Fun Fact 1 - Their full name is a reference to one of the full names that my best friend has.


Fun Fact 2 - They even share the same birthday as my best friend along with the height as Sailor Mars actually.


Fun Fact 3 - When debuting in the first series, they were addressed originally with the pronouns of she/her, but in the second series and out of wanting to extra faithful to the inspiration behind the character, they are currently addressed with the pronouns of they/them.


Fun Fact 4 - The first names of their siblings are references to the first names of my best friend's siblings.


Fun Fact 5 - Their dreams of becoming a successful artist with webcomics is another reference to one of my best friend's dreams.


Good luck with that! :)



Illustrations of them by me will be coming real soon!







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