[Name?] Jacklyn Marie Anthony Miller ((aka Ki-chan)) [Age?] Currently 19. My birthday is April 10th [Where do you live?] Southern California, Orange County [What school do you go to?] California State University, Fullerton Branch [Single?] As of this second, no. I'm dating the most wonderful person in the world, Morgan Hackett ((aka Ziggy)) [What do you want to be when you grow up?] English teacher. DON'T LAUGH. Someone has to teach the future leaders of America, and it's gonna be me. [Where do you work?] In a Borders Express in the Mall of Orange. [Can I have a trade/request?] Ask and you shall receive. I'm more than willing to draw for other people. As long as I'm not too bogged down, I'll be glad to take your request. And just so you know, I do have a to-do list. You can check it out any time to see what I'm working on for other people. It doesn't list stuff I'm doing for myself, though. Check it out HERE.  [What do you write?] I'm a fantasy/fiction writer who takes herself VERY seriously. The latter half of my life has been spent writing. [Hobbies besides art?] Writing. If you REALLY want me to like you, you'll say nice things about my writing. And I also like to play video games and read. I've finally started playing Warhammer 40k, as the Tau. I won my first battle, so I think I know what I'm doing. Sorta. Not really. [Can we talk outside of PaperDemon?] Sure. My AIM, MSN and YIM are on my main page. If you want to talk more, note me and we can talk about being pen pals. I will not give out my phone number or cell number, cause I really hate talking on the phone ^^; Anything else? Just ask! I should be posting writing and comics in the near future!

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