I somehow got through both high school and college without writing a single, solitary, lonely piece of fiction that I could call my own. Incredible, isn't it? About six months ago, I got challenged to write, according to specific guidelines, no less! So what I post is the result of that. Turns out I enjoyed it—so glad to learn that.

No previous writing experience means I write what comes, with no outline or planning whatsoever. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Latest writing

  • Cover for Short story 1

    Short story 1

    First day on the job; anything can happen. :) Inspired at least in part by Robert Heinlein's "Citizen of the Galaxy".

  • Cover for Short story 3 (bilingual exper

    Short story 3 (bilingual exper

    A man walks into a bar... Paragraphs alternate between English and Spanish, with some Central American slang. An experiment for my own amusement.. hope others enjoy it, too, at least as much as I did the writing of it.

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