I love to draw, read and wright. Because of the job I have, I don't have time anymore to work on my two loves but enjoy seeing every one's artwork and writing. My other hobbies are watching anime off of the Funimation Network on demand through comcast. I'm currently keeping track on Nana, Strike Wiches, and Negima!? . I also thry to keep an eye out on DBZ Kai as well as Naruto. I am also learning more intermediate cooking recipies and will soon be trying to make the infamous 'Better Than Sex' Cake. ...Just as soon as I can afford to buy all the ingrediences ^.^;; I love my Kingdom Hearts video game and have played them all except Re:wind and Trail of Memories. I cannolt for the life of me find T of M anywhere! *grrrr* I am also playing Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds '09 on My DS Lite and am loving it so far :heart: Oh and something elts you might want to know about me is that I'm a 21 year old yaoi fan girl who likes her strawberry daqueries on her B-Day!