~🎨 Welcome to the little corner of my headspace that spits out art! 🎨~


-Illustrator| Digital/Traditional Artist | Creature Artist | Character Designer | Sculptor | Jeweler | Aspiring Costume Maker | Costumer | Craft Dabbler-


🖌 I'm primarily self-taught as an artist, blending both technical drawing with digital rendering.🖌

I specialize in animals current and extinct, fantasy species, and sci-fi creatures. Humans are a bit of a challenge for me.

My work often involves dabbling in new methods and materials, leading my skills to grow and change over time.

In a perpetual competition with ADHD on "How fast can I get this done before the next new idea?"

Keeper (Servant) of four Paranoid Featherbutts (three yellow-green, and a piebald yellow-white albino parakeet), and three sugar gliders (Con artists of any available treats), plus a stubborn-headed fuzzy barnacle of a kitten.

A walking, talking encyclopedia of many random bits of information, almost all having something to do with DIY building and crafting (or animal-related) with an inherent knowledge of store inventories in the area.

A perpetual magpie when it comes to collecting/starting projects.

Casual mermaid on the side, with a custom tail, or two.... or three... more... in the works.

... Also notorious about being the Quiet One in the group to the point of being titled 'Elusive'...

I'm friendly and approachable I swear! Just often fussing with something art related!

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