Welcome to Or(5712), the Origin stage of Orchestria! Let me, ARC CERO, set you in...

Origin is the alpha stage of Orchestria, where we'll see Iyons and Maevies in the wildest of forms. We haven't seen yet what - BZZZZT.

System Shutdown. Visualization scripts have been overrun. Recuperating data. - and these creatures reside within the seas of the this world. Join us... Will you? (he says, smiling at you and inviting you to join him).


Welcome to Orchestria! I hope you don't mind my little lore teaser! Name's Digi, most of the stuff here and there in Orchestria's done by said self! Hope you enjoy the gameplay!


We also host a Discord channel, if you want to join. It'll be posted a tad bit later, as we need to reach level 2 first!

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