Hi all! I've been drawing, painting and doodling as long as I can remember. I enjoy looking at good art almost as much as I like creating. I hope you like my stuff. Please feel free to give a brutally honest critique if you want :) Cheers, Andrew  aka Piglet

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  • Cover for Andry Brisk's Diary

    Andry Brisk's Diary

    A fictional and funny diary of a young man of inderterminate age. There is much more to be writtten, this is just a snippet

  • Cover for Palindrome


    Not a story, but a long palindrome I was working on just for fun. All real English words and Acronyms but doesn't really make sense. FOr anyone who doesn't know, a palindrome reads the same back to front as it does front to back.

  • Cover for The Missing Dentures

    The Missing Dentures

    I re-submitted this story (or rather the story so far) as I have edited it quite a bit since the first draft. This is going to turn out to be quite a project, as I have already fixed upon various plot twists and turns. I hope you enjoy it. As I add to it I'll update on PD. Enjoy!

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