My name is Pooky Wooky, ][Dc (PC), P.Wooky, or Squirrel as Zironix and Bunny (Goddess of Oddness) call me.
I thought this thing could use some updating...

I'm a canadian artist that draws too much Anime even tho I don't watch any Anime...
I'm going through a Marvel/DC phase at the moment but still draws some Anime.
If you like my artwork, I suggest going or to a site by me and Yetome called Love and Hate. (
There you can see mah fan comic based on my all time favourite Anime Dragonball Z as well as some of mah other artwork I ahven't put up on PD.

Other then that my secret for the day is I'm a yoai fan... Oooooo
Now don't go on telling everyone.
Feel free to PM anytime, I'm always willing' to talk!

][Deace! (Which says "Peace" for those who can't see the 'P')

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  • Cover for Speechless


    Just a short story about Piccolo's feelings towards Vegeta. Nothing bad, just love. (Yaoi, Complete)

  • Cover for Pikkoro-Chan


    Vegeta bumps into a Namekian baby and finds out a secret behind the green child. For Piccolo fans too.

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