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  • Birthday is May 8th
  •  Is straight and loves the bishounen.
  • Has an online comic- www.drunkduck.com/Within_Shadows
  • Appreciates ever comment no matter how small, every fav, every watch, the patience of those who watch her, and every piece of lovely gift art she has ever received.
  • Doesn't draw fanart very often. Prefers orginal work.
  • Likes Yaoi... enough said.

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~;* Friend's Feature:

[thumb23004] - Aw, now isn't this just darling? The environment looks beautiful but its like a storm is approaching far off. Suiting for such a cute character from a touhou game.

~;* Random Feature:

[thumb22925] -What a lovely point of view! They really captured Fuu from a great angle. To top it off, the feet are excellent! Check it out. :3

~;* Some of my favorite quotes:

"Rabbit's anxiety pollutes his reasoning. He begs you back to this hell-hole, then abandons you. Stop looking for good sense here. Settle for any!" -American Mcgee's Cheshire Cat

"Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending. Sometimes we don't understand it." -American Mcgee's Cheshire Cat

"There can be tears of sadness, and there can be tears of joy, but they are far from the same." -Jing, King of Bandit Jing

"You want my attention? Well you will have to earn it. Even cats approach their masters when they want affection bad enough." -Bixtas, Original Character

 "Ending your pathetic life would be as useful as dividing by zero. Go die by yourself." -Owazero, Original Character

"What we don't expect, some god will find a way to make it happen." -From the play Medea




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    I have a lot of art I need to move over to this gallery. I know I have very few watchers...if any... not sure where to check for that...   Anyway! Yeah, art art art coming right up!
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