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  • Cover for The Real Princess

    The Real Princess

    A short faiytale that I wrote for #AnotherContestGroup's Tales of Time contest on DA. My story was inspired by the fairy tale by HC Andersen. But my story of course has a LGBT angle to it.

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  • Script Frenzy day 26

    Apr 26, 2012, 5:01:41 PM | 1 min read
    After final edits I submitted my script for validation at 106 pages. Now it is back to normal, but I want to take the weekend to recuperate from my effort. 
  • Script Frenzy day 25

    Apr 25, 2012, 7:22:09 PM | 1 min read
    I have managed to work with a flow forthe past couple of day rewising my script. End result is a few morepages than my target length was. This means that I have gone over the 100 page mark! Next p
  • Script Frenzy day 22

    Apr 22, 2012, 7:06:19 PM | 1 min read
    As I anticipated, it is very slow to add more pages when revising the script. I keep makingsmall addition along the way, but they up adding only a few pages a day. On the other hand, I'm past 90 wit
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