I'm just coming over from DA, probably won't be making a full switch. I'm pretty chill and tend to be welcoming, if you need someone to talk to I'll be here for ya!

Commissions: OPEN, Currently making a pricing sheet. Ask about pricing in pm for now :)

Trades: OPEN, Currently no humans please :)

Collaborations: OPEN!!!!! SAVAGELY?! I prefer coloring but if you want me to do lines I'm good for that too!

Requests: Closed, I prefer to gift surprises ;)

Roleplay: OPEN! You can find me over on Uncharted for most of my RP!

Gifts for Me: Anything is welcome as a gift, Dhampir on Uncharted is my main gifting boyo, and next would be Arianrhod here on PD

Characters for Sale/Trade: None as of right now.

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