Hello! I`m SammytheStorm, but you can just call me Sammy, I`m a freelance artist who is brand new to the ARPG community. Part of this is do to the fact that I love making characters and participating in events with them. I hope we can all be friends (as cliche as that is). i post spem stuff here but I have a lot more stuff on my deviant art


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Gifts for Me: Ya`ll can do that but only if you want to. (also if you do decide to do that please don`t draw NSFW with them. thank you!)

Characters for Sale/Trade: (I`ve got one but please read the rules of both groups before you get them. Dragons-of-Aquella)

I`ve got Royal polar aqrion here https://www.deviantart.com/sammythestorm/journal/OPEN-Trading-polar-Aqrion-geno-847867916

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