^^ Hey there! :3

I'm a female and I love yaoi and ... well there are other things.. I swear! XD ANyways.. I'm going to start uploading older art first, this site will have predominently my comic and my ladies, with some of my boys (cause I love them) :3

I do commissions on adult artwork as well as PG ^^

I also design a lot of tattoos! ^^ SO if thats what you're looking for, there is a difference in the way I design and ink/color for them. it dosn't cost extra, just a difference in styling! :3


Commission Prices:

Single Character:

Pencil-  $5

Ink-        $7

Color-   $10

With backround:  +$4 B&W  +$6 Color

Two characters

Pencil-  $8

Ink-        $10

Color-   $13

With background: +$4 B&W   +$6 Color


More than 2 characters is a as ordered basis, as I have to decide based on how difficult the outfits (or lack thereof) makes the composition.