I'm an Australian, 31 year old, red haired, blue eyed, overly affectionate, insane mother of 2 beautiful kids! (not that I'm biased at all)

I like FF7(ACC, CC, DoC,etc), DOGS(bullets and Carnage, Hardcore Twins), Bleach, The Breaker, Soul Eye, Vampirates, Until Death Do Us Part, Kuroshitsuji, Saiyuki(Gensomaden, reload, etc), YAOI!!!... I'll add more as I think of them.

Oh, I often fav and run... if you don't like it you can kindly kiss my lily white ass!

I mean seriously, if I've fav'd it, I obviously freakin like it don't I? Doesn't mean I wanna be a sheep and repeat the same old comments every other fucker does.

If I DO happen to comment, it's because something struck me about the work that made me feel the need.... either that or I was just plain bored and had nuthin better to do!!
Also, I swear... quite a lot sometimes..... *shrugs* Deal with it bitches!!

I have a manself that will occassionally rear his head... his name is Anzo.... he has issues!

And that's pretty much it! HAI!

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  • Cover for Future Chapters for AHA

    Future Chapters for AHA

    Part of the story 'A Happy Accident' but a few years into the relationship. Don't want to post chapters out of order, so once I eventually get the chapters in between written and submitted I will add these to the other part.

  • Cover for A Happy Accident

    A Happy Accident

    Tane and Kody meet by 'accident'. You never know where life will take you.

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