Everything below was written when I was 17 and was posting on this site. Now I'm 19, I do not draw much, but you can see my latest works on deviantart.

I do not visit this site anymore^ if you want to comment anything and you want me to read your comment, please, feel free to contact me by ICQ and e-mail. I'll be happy to hear from you


thank you



"Okay, some info about me:

Name: Anastasia (Nastya for short please)

Age: 17

Education: current studying at the engineering-phisics university at Moscow. Love it )

Spoken languages
: Russian of course
                                    English (I make lots of mistakes,  I know)
                                    Japanese (can't speak it yet but can translate texts)

Art: never attended to an art school. I thought there is no way I can draw . But 3 years ago I suddenly began to :P A great surprise for my family and friends. I want to improve my skills, looking for a teacher, and want to get lots of hard "Roast me" cririque. Tell me everything you hate in my pics and style, please do not hold back!

Other hobbies:

  • Books and movies. I like the ones I can think about for some time, like something with deep philosophic idea...
  • Anime and manga. Same here. But also some shonen-ai (hate yaoi already :P ) FMA,Hellsing, fruit basket, death note, kagen no tsuki... etc
  • Music. Hyde, L'arc-en-ciel, and various soundtracks.
  • Games. Final fantasy series, Devil may cry, Tekken, etc

Commisions: are FREE and most welcome :)))
Not exactly commisions then... I don't think I can draw anything you want so I'm making its free not to dissapoint you. But I'd be glad to draw a _request_

The main thing I want you to know about it is that I'm not a talkative type) I prefer to listen.

Want to try: a collaboration. Please anyone... never tried it and want to try so much... Want to find something like paintchat. But I've never done it so you'll have to guide me ) "

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