Ask a writer to say something about herself, and you may have your ear talked off. Then might be done in a couple of seconds. I'm neither, really. I'm just your average game and anime nerd who happens to have a passion for writing grotuitous amounts of fan fiction with a smattering of originals here and there. Nothing all that special really.

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  • Cover for Aaron's Story

    Aaron's Story

    When you're living, you take the fact for granted. After you die, it's all you think about. It's a shame that you have to die to love life. My name is Aaron, and this is my story.

  • Cover for Remember Me

    Remember Me

    Ukitake spends a moment of quiet reflection in his quarters as he tries to recover from an off day. (Bleach (C) Tite Kubo)

  • Cover for The Origin of Fire

    The Origin of Fire

    We all know the Nobody Axel. But who was he before he lost his heart? (KH2 (c) SquareEnix Hunchback of Notre Dame (c) Disney)

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