I'm Leslie, a freshman college student in Missouri. Also, I deal with Cruffins' madness on a (mostly) daily basis.  She is the Lestat to my Louis.  Or Armand, however I'm feeling that day.

I love drawing, and especially love drawing animals.  I love anything medieval, am decent using a recurve boy in archery, and a fair equestrian, accomplished in western riding, and (eagerly) learning English.  I mostly do digital paintings, and use Photoshop 7.0 with the aid of my wacom tablet.

My college major is graphic art design.

I also do a lot of role playing, though my writing lately has been limited mostly to one website in particular, Caufar Weyr.  If you like Dragonriders of Pern, this is the website for you! Come! We don't bite!


ALSO: I love art trades, as I can't draw people worth diddly.  So, contact me if you're interested in a trade!

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