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  • Cover for Shen


    Imperial Agent Amos Drisriak is traveling alone, far from home and yearning for adventure. He has wandered far from the white sands of his desert home. Our tale begins in the vast temperate region of Kendempolis. Amos soon crosses the path of a red-haired thief his meandering trip homeward becomes a mad dash for freedom. Perhaps he hasn't heard of the saying: 'Be careful what you wish for'?

  • Cover for Tales of Trugan

    Tales of Trugan

    Shaadiv; The Demon Realm - Yetra; Home to the benevolent Elundri - Trugan; The mortal world. All three worlds are connected by a thin invisible veil. Only a select few can travel between. It has been a millennia since the Dark War that sundered the three realms. Now peace reigns throughout and the Balance is restored, yet there are those who have grown weary of it.

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