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Massive nerdlinger here. Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, comics (superhero and otherwise), you name it. I do take commissions, just PM me. I'm terribly cheap.

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  • Cover for Prompted


    Ficlets and drabbles inspired by writing prompts.

  • Cover for Not Much of a Love Story

    Not Much of a Love Story

    KOTOR snippets. "I'm not Avery Dax; those memories aren't real. I'm not Deralian, I was never a soldier. But I'm not Revan, not yet. I don't--Gods, you're all probably terrified that I'll turn back into the scourge of the galaxy, and here I am recalling how I gave Malak a fat lip."

  • Cover for Space Opera 100

    Space Opera 100

    Stories of a space station, not exactly run by the galaxy's finest, orbiting a planet sometime in the future.

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