• Print Shop - Open for business! 8D

    Sep 30, 2010, 4:12:36 AM | 0 Comments | 1 min read

    Hey hey watchers! 8D
    So I come to you bearing most awesome news~
    As of today, my online print shop is now up and running! I have various prints, stickers, and buttons up for sale if you're interested! Just go here and click on Shop - http://soulspoison.com

    The layout is pretty easy to follow as its all a paypal shopping cart and all you do is click! 8D Great huh? So go browse and mayhaps buy something if you're interested~ *crosses fingers*



    p.s. If the images aren't showing up that is usually because of a slower connection. If you get blanks try looking on a laptop! I'm in the process of making thumbs that will load for everyone!

  • $5 Icon Special - O P E N

    Apr 25, 2009, 4:12:56 AM | 0 Comments | 1 min read

    What up guys? :D

    I'm sure some of you noticed that I've done several sets of icons of eyes, and I'm obsessed omg. @[email protected] SO! I've decided to offer $5 icons!

    They will be similar to these -




    I can do human, animal (anthro too), and any other eye you'd like! :D If you're interested, send me a note!


  • C O N T E S T - Read for details

    Dec 20, 2008, 12:26:20 AM | 0 Comments | 5 min read

    Hello one and all! I'd like to introduce with much joy my first official contest! 8D
    Below is all the information on categories, dates, rules, and of course, prizes! Once I've begun to recieve entries, I will keep a viewable list of them in my sketchblog for every one to see. Of course, I'll link to it so you guys don't have to hunt for it. ;D If you have any questions feel free to comment or note me! For those entering, good luck and have fun! <3

    Begins - December 19, 2008
    Ends - February 17, 2009 ((This could change if people need more time))
    Judging will take place from the 17th to the 22nd, the winner will be announced on Monday, February 23, 2009.

    All entries will be judged by me, *souls-poison.
    All entries in Category 1 will be judged by both myself and *SnowWolfMystic.

    1. You can enter as many categories as you'd like! Have fun and let the juices flow~
    2. Themes of nudity are a-ok, but nothing, I repeat, NOTHING, should be sexual. This does not mean that an entry cannot be seductive or playful (let's face it, bellydance can be sexy), but use common sense. Know where to draw the line between sexy and pornography.
    3. When in doubt, ask me! I don't bite~

    1. Soul Sisters
    This particular category is a rather fun one and a chance to draw two very different beings together that share an amazing bond. All entries should have both Itarah and Snow displaying the power of friendship, love, and the bond of sisterhood. How you represent this is totally up to you. Be creative and most of all have fun! (Note: All entries for this category will be judged by Snow and myself)

    Itarah - [link]
    Snow - [link]

    2. Son of the Grey Ghost
    This category should be interesting for many reasons! The main character for this particular category is my precious steed, H'jad. But here is where it gets interesting! If you choose this category you must use his "themes" as inspiration. What themes you say? Well I'm glad you asked! This song in particular is "Marunae" by E.S. Posthumus and the second theme (Marunae Pi) is actually the second version of the song. Both can be used or just one, so long as you use this song. The criteria for such is to draw what you feel of him or see of him while listening to the song. You are free to draw his humanoid form or his equine form, its totally up to you and what you see fit! So turn up those speakers and jump start your engines~

    Equine - [link]
    Human - [link]

    Due to youtube not having the song, if you are entering this category please note me your email address so I may send you the song! Thanks!

    3. Glade of Serenity
    This category should cater to those that love the ethereal and most of all the moon. The subject of this category is Moonflower, a lunar deity. Like Category 2, this category is musically inspired work, for which you will be using a song of her namesake. The guidelines for this are to show her in her home (which can be read about in her profile) doing what ever the music might let you see. This could be a bit of a challenge as she is more elusive than my other characters. XD The song for this category is "Moonflower" by Yuki Kajiura. She has three forms, all of which can be found in the Contest Reference section below, if more reference is needed, just note me. Let the music move you and draw what comes to you in regards to her!

    Quadrupedal - [link]
    Anthropomorphic - [link]
    Human - [link]

    Moonflower - Yuki Kajiura - [link]

    4. The Beat of the Drum
    This category has fun written all over it if you like dancing! ;D In this one the character of subject is my persona, Saleeda. Like Categories 2 and 3 this one too is music inspired, but there's a twist! I'm going to let you use the music videos of the selected songs for inspiration as well. You can pick any one of the songs and its corresponding video, there is no limit to how many submissions can be done for this category. With that said, the subject matter of each piece should be dance! And not just any old dance, but Eastern dance. The styles you can choose from are bellydance (this includes tribal/ats/fusion), Bollywood, and Bharatanatyam. Of course, dancing alone is fun but its even more fun with a partner or audience; so feel free to include your own character(s) if you'd like. ;D If you have any questions about the dance styles, send me a note! I'd be more than happy to answer! Have fun and shake it~


    Songs and Dance Style references
    Gia - Despina Vandi - [link]
    Kajra Re - Bunty Aur Bably - [link]
    Dola re Dola - Devdas - [link]
    Youm wara Youm - Samira Said & Cheb Mami - [link] and [link]

    Bharatanatyam Videos
    Bharatanatyam Krishna Nee Begane Baaro - [link]
    Priyadarshini Govind - [link]

    That thing everybody loves! Well here's the list of swag you'll recieve if you place~

    First Place - Full color digital illustration with up to two of their original characters of their choice.
    Second Place - Full body or bust line art of one original character of their choice.
    Third Place - Full body or bust sketch of one original character of their choice.
    Honorable Mention - Bust sketch of one original character of their choice.

    Good luck, and go!