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  • Cover for Glimmer In The Forest

    Glimmer In The Forest

    Wisps are a wily prey, and Moonhunt is an overconfident hunter. 334 words. Featuring Moonhunt ds12996

  • Cover for A Hard Day's Work

    A Hard Day's Work

    Moonhunt prefers stealing his pumps, not doing a hard day's work for them. 378 words. Featuring Moonhunt ds12996

  • Cover for Curtailing Mayhem

    Curtailing Mayhem

    At the docks Mayhem is causing... well you know, but our plucky adventurers are here to stop him! Collab Wraith's Lament entry with Kyrraven and Annam03 Featuring Shenzi - Tepes - and Lilt - 2609 words Base ticket- 1 Additional 400 Words- 4 Total tickets= 5

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