Stryx Slots flash sale

Jul 27, 2020, 12:56:20 PM | 0 Comments | 1 min read

I've managed to overdrawn my bank account and need to make a few dollars so this sale might not be up for very long! grab em while you can!  

Silver - Doubble dom, Assended corva, No partner restrictions $5

Riot - Dom Pangare, Assended harpia, No partner restrictions $5 

Kitten - Lineless sand Gryph, Assended, No partner restrictions $5

Lucifer - Firebreath, Assended snow tyto, No partner resritctions $3

Denzel - Silken sand, Assended tyto, No partner resritctions $5

Nightmare - Lineless Raptor, Ice breath,Assended, No partner resritctions $5

Violet - Spectum, Plasma breath, Assended corva, No partner restictions $5

Winter - 10 marked snow tyto, Assended, Ice breath, No partner restictions $7

Nebula - Dom cloud, Assended, Only willing to sell two slots to her. Can not breed to other dom clouds. $7


Message me on PD, DA or discord if your intrested ^_^ 

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