My name is Elena Watson, but I generally go by my middle name, Rose. I mostly draw fantasy art, scenes and characters from a book I'm writing (and hope to put up here) and characters from RPing. I'll also do the occasional fan art. I've been drawing just about since i could speak, and i've been writing since elementary school, (though now I can hardly read what I wrote back then without attempting to set myself on fire. :))

Anyway, hmm... what else? I like... cheese. And fantasy and elves. Not in the same way, though. I don't like to eat fantasy and elves. I'm not that weird. Anyway, I can see that I'm starting to ramble. Please look at my art and writing (when I get around to posting it,) and have a nice... time.

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  • Cover for The Color of Winter

    The Color of Winter

    An ode to my favorite season. I guess you'd call it poetic prose.

  • Cover for Winter


    Winter is an ordinary girl living a rather lackluster life, working to help make money for her family, and reading in her spare time. But always, doubt about her seemingly ordinary life, and curiosity about her family's murky history have hid in the corners of her mind. Then when Tirith, a man whose face is as shadowed as his motives, tells her the astonishing secret of her family, Winter is abruptly yanked out of her comfortable reality, and whisked away on a journey that could change her life. (This is still a work in progress, so I will be adding chapters.)

  • Cover for Ground Squirrels

    Ground Squirrels

    Originally going to be called "the Incredible and Really Quite Odd Story of Earl Smythe and the Russian Ground Squirrels" but, once again, it wouldn't fit. I really must think up shorter titles. Anyway, this is one of the better short stories I think I've written, (although I don't write many.) It started out as an English project, but then evolved into something... more. I hope you enjoy.

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