Heya. I'm Ren, or Wandersoul, or Wander -- whichever's easiest to remember. ^^


Found this place via a favorite artist on deviantART. (I'm ForsakenTerra; at the moment I'm just posting some favorite stuff here, so you might find more over there.) Trying it out, to see what I think. ^^

I'll probably start uploading tomorrow. We'll see.

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  • Cover for All Hallows

    All Hallows

    An ancient ghost, set loose for the month of October. Superstitious teenagers, set loose on their own for a night or two. The tragedy of death and the mystery of sudden disappearance...This is a short-story collection, updated every Halloween.

  • Cover for Fire and Ice

    Fire and Ice

    Welcome to Ridge, the only magical town in all of New England. And for a good reason, because, um, what would /you/ do if you saw your neighbor tossing fireballs up and down the street? With all the mages in the area holed up in one little town, there's a lot of loose magic -- meaning, yes, your parking space did just scream at you, better hope it didn't eat your car. And then there's the Nightstalkers -- but we won't go into that. Wouldn't want to scare you off, right?

  • Cover for The 600th Anniversary

    The 600th Anniversary

    This is what happens when we untangle the entire history of the Faldrean Empire in one week. Crazy noble ladies, a six-year-old spy kid, and the writer accidentally forgetting to kill their Emperor off.

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