I'm really young for starters only 16!Even since I was little I'd been picking up the pencil and drawing adventurious or romance comics.I'm fasicanated with Japan and it's unique culture and arts,I'm very proud of my heritage because I'm not all Hispanic I'm also a mixture of Filipino mainly why I look Asian.Hopefully by joining I'll be able to meet many new and interesting friends whom I have common interests with.I accept that I'm not the best artist in the whole and their are many errors along with it,but I'm getting better each day and hopefully I'll find develope new styles.Since I'm an all around artist and mainly like to try anything new.I'm not hard to get along with,I've very fun-loving and optimistic!! I love drawing,music,and writing,and I enjoy to sing.I'm in love with nature and it's beauty and as strange as it maybe the most beautiful thing on this earth to me is the moon.Ain't I weird?-"I accept I'm not the best artist, and along with that come errors.I don't appreciate flaming or critize.I think an artist knows what they're not good at and doesn't need acknowlegdment from others!That doesn't mean I don't appreciate help"  

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